PostHeaderIcon How to get your Facebook Poker account unbanned

Players in Facebook Poker have been known to get their accounts banned for a number of reasons. Swearing at the tables, being abusive to other players in the games, dodging blinds at the tables, using multiple accounts, or even posting photos of your girlfriend dressed as a half naked teddy bear (am I the only one?)

Whatever the reason may be for having your facebook poker chips frozen or your account suspended, it usually ends up coming as a suprise to most players who are horrified to find out they’ve been banned the next time they log into their Facebook or MySpace accounts to play a few hands of Texas Holdem Poker. Are these suspensions the results of totalitarian game administrators hell bent on banning everyone’s account so players will buy more facebook chips (like some people claim on internet forums) or is it just the efforts of game developers trying to keep their virtual environments a safe and friendly place for gamers to have fun and socialize?

Although I’m sure there have been many cases where game administrators overstepped their duties and unfairly banned the accounts of some Facebook Poker players, for the most part, people get their accounts banned because they broke the rules meant to bring order to social gaming worlds. Without a little order, let’s face it, these games would quickly turn into competitions to see who can insult an opponent the most rather than who can win the most facebook poker chips.

Here is what you can do to get your facebook chips back and your account unfrozen:

• Contact the game developers directly and fill out a support ticket. There are millions of players in Facebook Poker games so a little patience is needed until you receive a response. Most developers get back to you in 1-3 days, though sometimes it can take a week or more to get your issue resolved if they have to pull up your account to confirm or disprove any supposed abuses.

• Don’t be a jackass when writing to them. Insulting them won’t get you priority service. And don’t write an essay about your life either, they don’t need to know how you’ve been divorced 6 times, lost all your limbs in Vietnam, or how your mother forced you shave her legs with a dull razor and traumatized you when you were a child. Keep your communication short, sweet, and to the point and be sure to include a link to your profile so they know who you are.

Will you always get your account and facebook poker chips back? Ofcourse not. Some players are just psychos incapable of socializing in the real world let alone a virtual one where they have the advantage of being nearly anonymous. It’s only reasonable that game admins would not want to let some socially malformed players back into the game. If you fit this description, you’d probably be better off microwaving puppies or throwing bricks off freeway overpasses anyway, rather than playing online poker.

Zynga Texas Holdem players can contact Zynga here: Zynga Poker

Playdom Texas Holdem players can contact Playdom here: Playdom Poker Palace

Playfish Poker Rivals players can contact Playfish here: Playfish Poker Rivals

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68 Responses to “How to get your Facebook Poker account unbanned”

  • wilkis says:


  • Hello,
    I’m I BAND from Texas Holdem Poker ?? Niether my wife, nor I are able to complete the loading process to play.The site keeps giving us a choice to try again, try again.

  • marthalisa says:

    please activate me again texas holdem poker

  • Ayman Asyad says:

    well … i already try’d my friend to contact them as well as my account disabled with 51.000.000 chips because i have
    been used a fake name as my account name and they aint help me even i gave them all the correct information of registeration so i think they always happy to block or disable accounts xD

  • Emad Dom says:

    I dont know what i got banned for, but i had 198,000,000 chips and im pissed. It just said your account has been banned, didnt even give a reason.

  • i would first off like to say i am very sorry for what i did an said on your gaming website i would really like to have my account back please an thank you very much

  • java white says:

    hi zynga i don’t know why my account has been banned,i’m very so sad,i would really like to have my account back and play to zynga poker again please,and thank u very you zynga

  • baby says:

    I had 270m and my account was banned because i sent money to my brother.I dont se a reason why tehy ban my account.

  • deni says:

    I dont know what i got banned for, but i had 12,000,000 chips and im pissed. It just said your account has been banned, didnt even give a reason.

  • yazoon deema says:

    i wanna cancel my banned on my facebook

  • MYRA DIALLO says:

    can not open my envelope for my chips in poker

  • jon says:

    do you think if i remove the picture of my cock they will lift the ban?

    please help.

  • mustafa says:

    i got banned for give my brother 3,000,000 i was have 19,000,000 and i got banned

  • paula says:

    I have 989 chips and I mail to zynga but zynga reset my chips to 0 fuck of

  • james clarke says:

    i have received amessage stating that my account is going to be BANNED in 24hrs if i dont get intouch with yourselves i have tryed severel times and replied numerous times i dont know what it his i have done i dont want to be BANNED as i have recently just started playing zingapoker i have managed to get myself up to 12.500.000 chips i enjoy this game as i get to play friends and family so please dont ban me and what ever it is i have supose to have done it will not happen again i would appreciate it if u could tell me what it is i have done ? and hopefully you will not freeze my Account ? Thank you for taking your time to read this hopefully i can play for many years to come !!!!!

  • maya says:

    my account has been banned please activate me again texas holdem poker

  • jaya jay says:

    hi zynga i don’t know why my account has been banned,i’m very so sad,i would really like to have my account back and play to zynga poker again please,and thank u very you zynga from me jay

  • parth says:

    i have received a warning that i will be banned from poker in 24 hours…i don’t hav any clue why has the warning been given…
    please look into the matter..
    thank you

  • amy says:

    they banned my account for others reporting me but they never took the time to read the conversation at the table .. and like who cares .. there is always a way to play again dont stress out just play smart .. its a rigged game anyway

  • Amy Hany says:

    My account has been banned with 8.000.000 chips
    Personally, I did nothing wrong, or encourage any provocation or anything that violates the rules of poker Zynga

    Normally I play poker almost the whole day

    With happiness and tactics of the game I was in profit, and appeared in one window reconect to another server after that I had to restart the browser (firefox)
    After an attempt to play I went out the message that my account was banned.

  • ieda smile says:

    why zynga not active back my account in zynga poker…

  • wealah says:

    zynga return my chip enkau bened ….
    if you bened continue …. do not you invent a game of poker is this wassallam

  • Macantutul says:

    saya pernah di banned 39.000.000 chip

  • sukru ozgursoy says:

    my account has been banned but i really dont know why?? i dont think that i violated the terms of zynga. maybe i can be reported by a person whom i beated.. as a result of anger. but its not my fault. i did nothing wrong. it is just a game i can win again but you should not ban the people according to their wrong thoughts. maybe im wrong and if it is, please let me know why my account was banned.. thank you very much for your intention.

  • LESTER says:

    tanG ina ng poker na banned ung account q !! ha6x panu ba ma unbanned yun account q?

  • bung denny says:

    please give back my chpis….

  • ade bagol says:

    hi zynga i don’t know why my account has been banned,i’m very so sad,i would really like to have my account back and play to zynga poker again please,and thank u very you zynga from me jay

  • ade bagol says:

    my account has been banned please activate me again texas holdem poker

  • Sishir Rai says:

    Dear Zynga,

    It has almost been more than 3 days since I have not been able to open my poker in facebook. It says I am banned for some abuse. I had written you on the very day and that you too had replied that it would be resolved within 48 hours.

    I barely remember if I have been abusive, I tender my sincerest sense of apology if I have ever done. Afterall, poker and emotions go hand in hand and sometimes when tempers flare it’s all too easy to say something we may regret later.

    Please do the needful and reactivate my account please.


  • Texasholdemcheats says:

    Poker at facebook is very addictive,
    I can’t stop playing

  • fakeye taofeek says:

    since 2days know, i can access to my facebook account,i’m seeking for help here to re-open it for me.anytime i log in,it will just be writing temporarilly.please help me lift the ban.thanks.

  • marko kulik says:

    I’m I BAND from Texas Holdem Poker ?? plz give me back i dont do anything….just send to friend 10000 k lol???????

  • sokol says:

    plis open mi zunga poker

  • pedro ajah menang says:

    my cips baned zynga 450M!
    give me my cips zynga poker!

  • masoompari says:

    please forgive me and my account was open ………

    even i don,t know about that so please help me

    my zynga pooker account was banned ……. because m win the
    pooker chips and ply like that so please help

  • Mathz Portnoy says:

    Saya merupakan pemain Texas Hold’Em poker dari situs jejaring facebook, nama saya Mathz Portnoy. Level saya sa’at ini Champion – 92 dan memiliki chip sejumlah $350,000,000. Saya mohon ma’af kepada zynga saya mengakui kesalahan saya karena saya telah mengejek/mencela pemain poker lain di meja. Saya sangat menyesal karena melakukan hal itu. Sekiranya Zynga dapat mengaktifkan kembali account saya dan bisa mengembalikan chip saya yang berjumlah total $350,000,000. Saya berjanji akan bermain dengan menurut dan sesuai aturan dari zynga, saya mohon. Terima kasih atas kesempatannya. I Love You Zynga.

  • Mathz Portnoy says:

    I am a Texas Hold’em poker player from networking site facebook, my name Mathz Portnoy. My current level is a Champion – 92 and has a chip of $ 350,000,000. I beg to zynga Sorry I admit my mistake because I was mocking / criticizing other poker players at the table. I am very sorry for doing it. Had Zynga can reactivate my account and I can return the chip which totaled $ 350,000,000. I promised to play with according to and under the rules of Zynga, I beg. Thank you for the opportunity. I Love You Zynga.

  • fzry says:

    I have lost the chip on 42m very disappointing San Antonio poking into my fb and state that I can free my free chip but chip away after massukkan required information .. ie email and password

  • Fuck Zygas poker says:

    zygas poker scammer my ID.. im lost 60m.. how to get my chip?

  • mary arango says:

    hi zynga poker i ave 10 million chips and play everday and enjoy the game very much i ad aa dispute with someone and im very sorry wont happen agen but could u please sort this out for me kind regards as im very unhappy

  • lan says:

    i just got banned. 179m gone..when i check my poker profile using my gf profile, it just 1m left…i will get the 1m if i accept the rules…i dont know which options to choose…theres 2 options actualy….it make me sad….



  • fukc zynga says:

    zynga fuck banned my acc 50m..fuck you zynga..fuck mother fuckker..zynga fuck,,fuck..

  • waynestokes says:

    wud like my account bk plz sorry giving people abuse some times most of started on me first wont do it again just ignore them sorry

  • waynestokes says:

    with me chips ni had when u banned me plz 5000000 love playing poker

  • rio fadli koto says:

    zynga poker why I do not want to be open, he said
    Security Alert!

    Zynga Poker sent you an email Regarding possible unauthorized access to your up and Zynga Poker account. This email was sent to rio.fadli_88 @ We recommend changing your password Immediately up.

    Please verify your account by carefully Following the instructions in the email. Click here to resend email.

    Message Code: CA3

  • graham says:

    all good admin telling us what to do if we get danned for no reason whats the point been banned for over 2 years still no account back i did nothing wrong would be nice to get my account reactivated ty.

  • jacks facebook poker chips says:

    i have security alert message say Zynga Poker sent you an email regarding possible unauthorized access to your Facebook and Zynga Poker account. This email was sent to We recommend changing your Facebook password immediately.

    Please verify your account by carefully following the instructions in the email. Click here to resend email.

    Message Code: CA2 please remove that

  • jack says:

    please zynga remoe that now i have to play and always security alert on my account

  • bardhyl says:

    hi why i cant log to my zynga poker

  • irman siakap says:

    unauthorized access problem

  • rita says:

    hej Zynga Jag vet inte varför mitt konto har förbjudits :( Vänligen aktivera mig igen Texas Holdem Poker

  • Hassan Khan says:

    please please please open my 600000000…i,m banned please please please unbanned me….i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee zynga poker……..thank you

  • Maltynas says:

    Your poker account has been disabled due to Not Specified ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ? :D joking me people ;DDDDDD

  • ali says:

    guys .. im banned for 4 bils due to not specified when i saw the msg i said WTF .. this is my only account, real profile,never transfered 1$ ,never talked at a table ; avioding to get reported ,,, i followed the rules one by one and what i get !!!! parmently banned !! is this fair???
    i think this what happen when u follow the rules .. and now im writting to the customer services and i get no respond !! its like ban and run.. its an advice for all zynga poker players:
    quit this shit its a waste for ur time and you can play poker anywhere else u have aloot of poker games at fb and there is alot of other sites that provide this game its your choice you dont wanna get 4 bils and the get your account dissabled… gl all

  • rahele says:

    i create today a site for ppl who are pissed off by zynga poker for being tready unfair. znga itself offers that u can transfer chips to other players, if u use it u get banned for it. what kind of shit should this be???? then they should offer this option at all. leave a like on that site so zynga may notice that they fuck up ppl and facebook will notice that they got something offered by a third party that pisses off ppl.

  • Weldon Eubank says:

    Iopened an account on Facebook so I could play Texas hold em poker.But when I try to buy poker chips it’s saying can’t process at this time.Please explain.Waiting for response,Thank You.Sincerly Weldon Eubank.

  • sapran xang says:

    please open my texas hodem poker.. I dont why it was banned. I didnt do anything wrong… thanks

  • vedant says:

    i only typed blank coments and i gt banned!!

  • Facebook2! says:

    My facebook/Zynga Poker account was just banned but didn’t really explain why. I never start an argument on there, but I DO finish it. Maybe that’s why??? Oh well, good thing I created a second account… lol

  • havel Azad says:

    i have my poker account banned for no reason, am not sure what i have done wrong, hope you get it fixed soon


  • zynga poker says:

    hi my account and facebook poker chips had been banned i dont know what i did i did nothing wrong so if you reactivate my account as soon as possible i will appreciate it thanks…..

  • zul says:

    Zyera Poker..saya peminat dan pemain setia,tolong aktifkan semula akaun saya!I LOVE U Zyera….

  • zul says:

    Tolong aktifkan semula akaun poker saya…
    dan kembalikan semula cip saya…
    saya sangat suka bermain permainan ini…
    saya merayu kembali aktifkan akaun saya..
    hidup saya rasa boring sekiranya tidak dapat bermain poker..PLEASE ZYERA POKER…I LOVE MY GAME(Texas Poker)

  • derky says:

    if i didnt got my account and facebook poker chips back i will make my self poker hacker sooner or later

  • derky says:

    i want my account back

  • sachin yadav says:

    hey plz…unsuspend my zynga poker account…for first time i win a pot of 4 million..and a friend of mine asked me for chips…so i transfered 1 million chips to him…i m sorry for and it wll never gonna happn again…plz return my chips back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Paku says:

    Now Lets Call ALL Off Hackers HACK ZYNGA